Bully Blue PitbullThank you for visiting Gottisedge Kennels. As Texas American Bully Breeders, we have never met a more loyal, loving animal than a properly socialized American bully. We have owned and bred these wonderful Bulls for the past 10 years and they truely have enriched every part of our life. These American bullies are our family members and the pursuit to build the ultimate APBT is our passion, not a means on monetary gain. That being said, we will borrow a quote from Mikeland's Kennels " Quality isn't expensive, it's priceless." We are not backyard breeders who will thoughtlessly breed any female in heat. Each breeding is carefully planned with special attention to each and every characteristic and pedigree. We have chosen to use some of the most elite and consistent bloodlines around (such as Gottiline, Greyline, Razors Edge, Watchdog, Gaff, and Nevada) to build the foundation of our kennel for our Blue Pitbulls for sale in Texas. So if you like big block headed, thick boned, ultra ripped bulls come in and take a look! We will NEVER sell our American bully adults to anyone who has any intentions of fighting dogs.

Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to contact us regarding our pitbulls anytime. Thanks!

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Gottisedge Kennels breeds blue pitbulls and has blue pitbull puppies for sale. We bring to you the best bully blue pitbulls for sale that you can find world-wide.  Make sure before you purchase your blue nose pitbull puppy that you educate yourself about the breed. If you have any questions about our pitbulls for sale dont hesitate to give us a call about our blue pit bull puppies for sale. Gottisedge Kennels is based out of Texas. We are close to all the surrounding states Florida Alabama Georgia Mississippi Lousiana Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina Virginia New York New Jersey Vermont Pennsylvania Maryland Connecticut Delaware California Arizona Arkansas Mexico New Mexico. We also can ship seman from any of our pitbull studs anywhere in the United States. Our goal is to produce the best bully blue pitbulls for sale also know as the American Bully. We will have bully blue nose pitbull puppies for sale throughout the year and if you dont see the blue pitbull for sale you like on the current site give us a call and make sure to ask about anything upcoming we have that isnt on the site yet.

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